Mobile GPS Tracker

Monitor Geo-Location of multiple Smart Phones with history trip playback

CienTrack is a Mobile Tracking application, successfully used by many individuals, organizations, and private companies around the world for Field Force Tracking. It allows you to track unlimited number of registered mobile phones in real time, get specific notifications, generate reports and much more.

For personal, friends, family and business use

CienTrack application calculates your mobile's geo-locatoin by using Wifi/GPS/or GPRS and sends it to a server using GPRS or Wifi internet. You can view your current location and history using online tracking portal.

Quick & Easy Setup

Just download the application, sign up for the service and start using CienTrack

Complete Privacy

Enable or Disable Tracking with a single click at your own will

Anti-Theft Feature

Get the location and SIM details, if someone steals and change your SIM in Cientrack Pro version

Free (with ads) Rs 499 One Time Rs 399monthly

Number of Trackable Mobiles

Single Single Multiple

Real-Time Online Mobile Tracking

Geofence Creation & Notifications

SIM Change Notification

History Playback and Reports

Number of Geofences Allowed

1 5 5

Number of Contact Numbers for Notifications

1 upto 3 upto 3

Minimum Mobile Location Update Intervals

10 minutes every minute every minute
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This service involves usage of mobile internet data or WiFi to send the location. Rates will apply as per your local data tariff plan with your mobile operator and/ or internet service provider
Approximate monthly data consumption is mentioned against each data sending interval: Every Minute (3.3 Mb); Every 2 Minutes (1.7 Mb); Every 5 Minutes (0.7 Mb); Every 10 Minutes (0.3 Mb) ; Every 60 Minutes (0.1 Mb)

How to Use CienTrack Application

  1. Download , install and run the CienTrack application on your mobile
  2. Signup to create your account after reading and accepting the Terms of use
  3. Make sure that your location services are enabled. Check it by going into your mobile settings, select Location and enable 'Google Location Services', 'Wireless Networks', and 'GPS'
  4. The mobile must have an active internet connection to use the service
  5. Login to CienTrack Web Application using same username and password and watch your location in real time.

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